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About Us

UnFolding is a Weblog that views the arts as a metaphor for most of the issues that people face every day: being overworked, under-appreciated, profound, self-defeating, delightful, narcissistic and completely maddening.  And often all at the same time.

Art is not about artists. It is about the stories we tell ourselves about creativity, technology, empathy, commerce and love. It is the only place where courage and fear don’t wear white and black hats.

In these posts I hope you’ll find ideas that make you think about the arts and all their idiosyncrasies. I hope they will help you see yourself in a shifting landscape of belief systems. And I truly hope they ferment bits of optimism about where you see yourself going. Because without optimism, mankind is doomed. Or so they say.

UnFolding is published by:

Mike Levin –