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November 2016

The aftermath of Walker’s Fine Art & Estate Auctions’ fall Inuit sale is a mix of elation and exhaustion. It didn’t meet May’s final tally of $1.57 million, but it had 100 fewer items in the catalogue, and the Ottawa auction house continued to hold its position as the world’s predominant reseller of northern art.

November 2016
Walker’s Inuit-Art Sales Don’t Miss A Beat

Walker’s Inuit-art sales go past the million-dollar mark, again.

October 2016

“I have a feeling that the country is now waking up to the fact that aboriginal art is as big a contributor to Canadian culture as any other”

June 2016
Garage Sales: The Battle For Barbie And Humanity

The garage sale is the opposite of a missile testing ground. You send stuff into your driveway and very little explodes. But when it does the emotions flow like hormones at a teen mingle. Selling Lego is like spiking the punch.

March 2016
The New Auction Fever

This success is playing a significant role in reshaping the North American auction industry. Technology is pushing it, and a playing field gets more level as selection increases and prices drop. If it continues, the words “fair warning” will soon go the way of “check your oil, sir?”

December 2015
Technology Can Make You Insane

Is it just me or has this woman gone insane? Can communications via smart phones be so obsessive as to make you forget that you may be dying?

December 2015
See The Future, Save A Puppy

No other seasonal event brings together spirituality and the opportunity to save the lives of animals at risk.

October 2015
Can Justin Find His Place In The Trudeau Legacy?

How a new approach to old issues could make Justin Trudeau one of Canada’s most progressive Prime Ministers.

October 2015
Breaking Away From The Boys’ Club

“My generation doesn’t want to take responsibility for its own actions. I just get to tell it in a Machiavellian way.”

October 2015
Canada’s Election: No Time For Allegories

Unlike the allegories of original court painters, MacKay’s messages are not all that subtle, but they are brilliant in capturing the slimy expediency of politics.