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Articles tagged with: A Company of Fools

November 2011
Status Quo – Scott Florence

Scott Florence leads his troupe back into a winter’s tale November 29. But before that, he tackles Status Quo’s 20 questions.

April 2011
How Ottawa Burns Out Artistic Talent

With independent theatre’s biggest buzz in set design, Ivo Valentik has decided to step back from stage visuals for awhile, a decision that highlights Ottawa’s problem with the arts industries.

July 2010
Unleashing Foolish Shakespeare

Having never visited Strathcona Park before, it was easy to attribute the touch of magic in the air to its gothic lamp posts or elderly trees. The anticipation abuzz was contagious among couples and families, many who’ve no doubt witnessed A Company Of Fools in action before, and I now understand their cravings for an encore. No two shows will ever be the same, in small part because this communal crowd helps shape the tale.

May 2010
Friends, Timing and Gertrude Wilkes

One day Gertrude Wilkes is sitting in her call-centre cubicle trying to soothe a distressed customer; the next she’s trying to sell theatre fans on a performance of Shakespeare. The set of co-incidences that lifted her over that divide has made her believe there’s space for everyone in community arts.

February 2010

So maybe now it’s time to get Emily Pearlman squarely on your radar. Since returning to Ottawa, Pearlman has shown up a great deal in theatre talk; at last summer’s fringe festival, she was the main talk, and her work in Countries Shaped Like Stars is still emitting buzz in the southern United States from its run nearly a month ago.
So it’s no surprise that when the Rideau Awards nominees for Ottawa/Gatineau’s professional theatre were announced last night, Pearlman’s name kept sticking out: nominations for best performance by a female, …

January 2010

I’ve been trying to understand why the amount on the bill I receive from my telecommunications provider is different each month. There are no extra charges incurred by me, but the amount is always a few dollars different. So I read the company’s service agreement. I understood the words, but the overall meaning escaped me. It made me irreverently receptive to the company’s message. I’ve been in this dance hall before but for an entirely opposite reason, and it’s William Shakespeare’s fault. Alfred Harbage calls it “reverently unreceptive,” the way …