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Articles tagged with: Arts Court

October 2011
Koensgen, Hawes Try to Pull Magic From Whales

Two men with a magical connection finally collaborate in Dreams of Whales. Their goal is to engage audience imagination.

July 2011
New and Improved Arts Court: 2014

All the hard work is done for the expansion of Arts Court and the Ottawa Art Gallery.

June 2011
Another Way To Tell A Story In Theatre

Creations In Vivo, one of Arts Court’s new resident companies, brings a dose of action to Ottawa’s theatre community and stage.

December 2010
Arts Court Embraces Hidden Gem

Arts Court has just selected three theatre companies to be residents of its downtown arts incubator. But this means their work is just beginning.

December 2010
Splash’N Boots: “It’s Gotta Be Fun For Everyone, Right?”

Live entertainment that works for both parent and child is a rare commodity for families in Ottawa. Arts Court’s Barbara Brunzell thinks she’s found a winning show.

September 2010
Barbara Brunzell’s Arts Translation

That’s a bit scary, and it may not be correct. But does it matter when that culture generates (and, undiverted, will continue to generate) fewer and fewer opportunities for artists to make even a minimal living? Barbara Brunzell has had this conversation with herself since childhood, which led her, as a 16-year-old, to support herself with odd jobs in Ottawa so she could attend Canterbury High School.

August 2010
Legitimate Frustration in Ottawa’s Theatre

This comes from theatre people, who, Marc Ouimet reminds us, “run the gamut of emotion on an hourly basis.” But in chatting with Ouimet and fellow actor Manon St. Jules, it’s clear that something is changing here.

July 2010
John Koensgen: Still Surviving

There’s a trace of trepidation in John Koensgen as he prepares his newest role. When he picked up the script for Educating Rita, he realized, “boy, these people sure talk a lot.” Not that Koensgen doesn’t like lines; he is, after all, an actor. But it’s the language that’s made him blink, the complex sentence structure and the nuanced words that play England’s upper class off against its lower. So finding resonance in a version of theatre’s most archetypal theme of transformation will be, he admits, a big challenge.