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Articles tagged with: Chocolate Moose Media

September 2015
Firdaus Kharas’ Forest Of Videos

It is a massive, dense thing that would show up on a satellite map if you put all the trees in one spot.

April 2015
Translators Without Borders: When Linguistics Saves Lives

That’s the thing about translation; like a shovel in the desert, we never think about it until we really need it. Translators Without Borders is discovering that its humanitarian services are only now starting to be appreciated in the world’s crisis zones.

October 2014
Kharas Creates Message Of Love, Death and, Ultimately, Hope

“The epidemic was spreading so quickly that we knew every day would count. If we were going to help prevent the spread of the disease, we would have to produce the video very quickly. It had to speak to those living in the affected areas in West Africa. It would be a challenge.”

April 2013
Firdaus Kharas To Reanimate Cartoon Classic

Firdaus Kharas dips back into mainstream animation with George of the Jungle, to be released in 2014.

June 2011
Documentaries and Micheline Shoebridge’s Dilemma

Canadians love real-life stories. Micheline Shoebridge wonders why they aren’t willing to support them, especially narratives about unsung heroes like Ottawa’s Firdaus Kharas.