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Articles tagged with: Council for the Arts in Ottawa

November 2010
Greasing The Wheels Of Ottawa’s Arts

Not grasping the theory of lubrication gets local arts only hodge-podge coverage in mainstream media. To become vibrant, the arts community must get collaborative.

September 2010
How Ottawa Is Losing In The Arts-Funding Game

The Council for the Arts in Ottawa has just kicked some butt. It was written in bureaucratese, which is probably wise when criticizing bureaucrats, but there’s fighting words in the summary of a report the council just released.

April 2010
Sponsorship and the Credibility Gap

Awards shows in Ottawa’s arts communities don’t seem to stick around long. They only happen in the first place because someone is willing to put up the cash for the event, and if the promotional payback isn’t good, there are always better ways to invest. Like it or not, sponsorship is what keeps many arts events alive.

March 2010

Akash Sinha’s father is a professor of religious studies; his mother is a librarian. Akash was not raised to be a businessman, and an attraction to creativity sort of emerged late in life out of his love of nightclubs. But four years ago this young urban developer decided he needed a place in his life for arts, and the Council for the Arts in Ottawa (CAO) picked up on it this year, bestowing their Business Recognition Award on the boss of property developer Dharma Developments for his contribution to the …

February 2010

Peter Honeywell of the Council for the Arts in Ottawa has responded to my emails, and I now have a list of the nominees for Ottawa’s arts awards. The council didn’t want to release the names until it had photos and will publish something in the Ottawa Citizen later this week. 
Awards are really important for promoting arts to the public but, like all news, get stale quickly. For those who like their information less than a week old, the list includes: 
Victor Tolgesy Award 
Christine Tremblay – the indefatigable arts administrator in …

February 2010

Last Thursday the shortlist of nominees for the Council of Art in Ottawa’s awards was announced at a $75-a-head cocktail party at City Hall. I’ve spent hours on the web, in the media and on the phone trying to find out who is on that list. I haven’t been able to. This is a pity because while the awards may not be national news, they are Ottawa’s arts Oscars. They remind the city that the approximately 25,000 artists and others involved in the industry are still alive and well.  The …