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Articles tagged with: Cube Gallery

October 2015
Canada’s Election: No Time For Allegories

Unlike the allegories of original court painters, MacKay’s messages are not all that subtle, but they are brilliant in capturing the slimy expediency of politics.

August 2015

After seven decades of creating, Russell Yuristy figures it’s not just his right to express his mind, “it’s my job.”

December 2011
What Do Christmas Windows Really Display?

Touching a bit of nostalgia from his past, Don Monet asked Patti Normand to create a kinetic Christmas window for the Cube Gallery.

September 2011
Meghan Myres Soars With Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart’s story has motivated millions of women since she first started flying in the 1920s. In 2011 Meghan Myres joined that group and has produced an amazing show at the Fritzi Gallery.

April 2011
Arts Funding: The Difference Between Promises and Realities

Art Matters, but to whom? And how far is a politician willing to go to get it on a government’s agenda? The answers are never clear.

April 2011
When Art Is Like Kissing Babies

Does art matter to politicians? Ottawa Centre candidates in the upcoming federal election will try to answer that April 19 at a Cube Gallery townhall.

December 2010
Status Quo – Karina Kraenzle

Karina Kraenzle is one of Ottawa’s best-known photographic artists. She takes time to answer Status Quo’s 20 questions.

September 2010
Nothing Like Vampires to Shake The Blahs

September is not being kind to local theatre; reviewers and audiences are being downright cruel. I haven’t attended any performances this month so there’s no sense in getting specific, but only when arts columnist Denis Armstrong gets bored or local actor Kris Joseph, thankfully, gets huffy, has the the mist of blah-dom risen from the Ottawa scene

May 2010
No Wrong Answers On Art Walk

When Catherine Lane took the First Thursday Art Walk in February, she was trying to acquaint herself with the half-dozen Hintonburg art galleries that stayed open late to allow people a more-leisurely browse. Yet her sharpest memory is of one artist who made small animal sculptures using the remains of other departed creatures. “They were made up of little bones and bird beaks. I mean, how cool is that.”

April 2010
Art’s Big Chance For A Grassroots Revolution

I first saw the name Culture Days last year on the federal government’s Canadian Heritage Website, and thought “Oh dear, another arts-and-culture festival that the Canada Council for the Art needs to validate its existence.” I think I got the concept right, more or less, but I missed the context by a mile.