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Articles tagged with: Culture Days

October 2014
Why Armchair Leftists Are Defaming Capitalism And Other Arts Issues

The rationale is that if you are fully engaged in the selling of art, everything else will flow into place. Why does that sound like just more corporate hype?

September 2011
Art Summits And The Fear Of God

When people get together to discuss arts and collaboration, what are the real issues at stake? The Arts Council of England’s Phillip Cave thinks arts summits don’t have it all right.

September 2011
How Culture Days Can Make You Cool

This weekend you’ll have 170 choices about what bits of Ottawa’s cultural mosaic you want to sample. Everything is being staged for free, except the parking.

September 2010
Veronica’s Three-Day Arts Quest

In 2006 she visited every studio on every art-studio tour in the Outaouais. I counted; that’s 72 studios. In 2008 she watched more-than 80 music performances, including her heart-throb Leonard Cohen, during the Montreal Jazz Festival’s 12 days. Starting today (September 24) at 4 pm, she will try to take in at least 100 arts events during Ottawa’s Culture Days weekend, running until Sunda

September 2010
OSSD Flies The Red Kite

It’s five years since Amanda Lewis moved the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama to Westboro, and the performance institution is about to get government certification as an acting conservatory, the only one in Eastern Ontario.

September 2010
Jonathan Hobin’s Playroom As Historical Metaphor

However unintentionally, Jonathan Hobin has been chewing on this dilemma for the past eight years. In 2003 he produced a series of photographs called Mother Goose revealing how nursery rhymes were used to scare children into a pattern of behaviour, for their own good. On September 17, he’ll launch a followup In The Playroom that turns his ironic eye to the inevitable switch to overprotection.

September 2010
Festival X Highlights Culture Days In Ottawa

Here’s a quick quiz question. How many arts events are happening in Ottawa from September 24 – 26. I asked 10 people randomly on Wellington Street during the past few days, giving them the options: less than 50; 50 – 100, more than 100. Seven of the 10 choose 50 -100. The precise answer is – a minimum of 261

July 2010
Ottawa’s Arts: From Ground Up

With less than two months before the Culture Days national creativity initiative, Ottawa has scheduled more arts events per capita than any other centre. I know this isn’t supposed to be a competition, and that Canadians have a tendency to sign up at the last minute, but for the event’s three-day window September 24 – 26, 39 local initiatives are on the itinerary. Toronto has 64 listed; Vancouver just 16.

April 2010
Art’s Big Chance For A Grassroots Revolution

I first saw the name Culture Days last year on the federal government’s Canadian Heritage Website, and thought “Oh dear, another arts-and-culture festival that the Canada Council for the Art needs to validate its existence.” I think I got the concept right, more or less, but I missed the context by a mile.