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Articles tagged with: Great Canadian Theatre Company

September 2011
Meghan Myres Soars With Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart’s story has motivated millions of women since she first started flying in the 1920s. In 2011 Meghan Myres joined that group and has produced an amazing show at the Fritzi Gallery.

January 2011
New Current Under Ottawa’s Theatre Divide

The Undercurrents festival starting next week has the GCTC brand, but it is Patrick Gauthier’s fingerprints all over it. And there’s subversion in how Gauthier got the alternative festival into the building.

May 2010
The Dilemma of Non-Negotiable Rules

If Canada has a debilitating form of tribalism, the sides are represented by management and labour. Management has had a big head start on becoming intractable, but unions have worked hard to catch up. In most cases today, each side has spiraled into binary thinking: if you win, I lose. Opportunities for flexibility get squashed by big bellies of ego.

April 2010
Ottawa’s New Legal Language

Tom Stoppard’s plays always satirize the seriousness with which humans take themselves, his words like a gulp of nitrous oxide in a dentist’s chair. Actors, especially nervous ones, love the release of good comedic lines. In mid-May, 27 local lawyers will get that (temporary) absolution.

April 2010
The New Story In Ottawa Theatre

Nick Di Gaetano calls them dramaturges, the two women who now define Ottawa theatre: Lise Ann Johnson and Emily Pearlman. The awards they won last night at The Rideau Awards at De La Salle High School weren’t for a dramaturge’s mentoring, rather an indication of how engaging the local stage is becoming under the influence of superb storytellers.