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Articles tagged with: H’Art of Ottawa

September 2013
Silent Auction 5 – Beth Levin and Shannon Lee Mannion

We add the final two pieces for our silent auction and prepare for tomorrow’s sale to benefit the H’art of Ottawa.

September 2013
Silent Auction 3 – Andrew King

An accident pushed Andrew King to stop painting for awhile. He focussed on another interest and the resulting book is part of our silent auction.

September 2013
Two More Grande Dames Added To Art Sale

We’ve just added two more works of art to our upcoming sale, and both are by women who even late in life are still creating beautiful images.

September 2013
When Good Art Isn’t Expensive

How about this? An art sale of 150 paintings for very reasonable prices, plus a silent auction with the proceeds going to a good cause. If you like art on your walls yet can’t afford gallery prices, you have to see this event.

September 2013
Art Sale and Silent Auction: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

A chance to find a beautiful piece of original art, not break the bank and support the H’art of Ottawa in the process.

August 2010
Surprising Similarities at H’Art

After four years at a school for writers, actors, musicians, visual artists and dancers, I like to think that I know a thing or two about the creation of art. I have seen, firsthand, optimism and frustration, ideas discarded and re-adopted and the brilliance of unexpected inspiration. I’ve experienced them too. But as I step up to the door of H’Art of Ottawa, I’m convinced I do not know art quite the way it exists here.

May 2010
Disability Aesthetics

Nothing in our culture is viewed with greater disingenuousness than disability. Religions, politics and even sexualities are encouraged to explore their own realms and to make contributions to life; we fight for their right to exist and practice even if they are outsiders to us. Disability is different.