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Articles tagged with: Lois Siegel

October 2011
Tom Daly: National Film Board Pioneer, 1918 – 2011

Lois Siegel remembers an old friend and mentor at the National Film Board.

August 2011
Mick Jagger, Lois Siegel and an Eight-Foot Catwalk

The Rolling Stones in concert is a sight to behold. Lois Siegel had the time it takes to play two songs to get the pictures.

October 2010
Busking Your Fears Away

Learning to play the violin is one thing; finding the courage to perform is another. Lois Siegel finds her way through the process with help help of a young friend.

September 2010
Fiddling With Canadian Culture

I was told yesterday that I had missed Ottawa’s best jam session of the year. It happened last weekend at D’Arcy McGee’s in Orleans, right across the street from the Shenkman Arts Centre and 30 minutes after the final award had been given out there by the Canadian Grand Master’s Fiddling Championships.

July 2010
National Film Board Goes For Digital Delivery

Someone in the Sudan now knows how Three Island Industries makes chain-link fences in New Westminster, B.C, and there’s at least one Serbian who’s watched a documentary film record of the International Ox Pull in Bridgewater, N.S. By the time Albert Ohayon puts all of the National Film Board’s 12,000-plus films online, the world will be able to explore every nook and cranny of Canada, including that 1928 story of Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) and his pet beavers. How Canadian; how NFB.

July 2010
Lois Siegel: Because She Can

For the past few years I’ve wondered why Lois Siegel shows her magazine-quality photographs of famous people on the walls of the Ottawa Bagel Shop. This isn’t a knock against the bagel joint; owner Vince Piazza is one of the private-sector’s biggest supporters of Ottawa art. But Siegel’s celebrity shots are a little out of the ordinary.