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Articles tagged with: Lynne Hanson

August 2011
Lynne Hanson’s New Realities In Music And On TV

Lynne Hanson is trying to answer questions about her music career after surviving a reality TV show.

October 2010
Lynne Hanson’s Artistic License.

In the past year, Lynne Hanson has declared emancipation from a lot of things in her life. Her new album reflects the process.

February 2010

What is one to make of an entry on a Sarajevo music blog that calls the voice of Ottawa singer/songwriter Lynne Hanson laconic? It’s not surprising that Hanson would show up on European Websites; she has emerging-icon status in places like Holland. But laconic? Isn’t that how cowboys in Texas talk?
And there is the connection. Since hitting Austin’s music showcases last year, Hanson has become something of a favourite down southwest.  So much so that she can even drawl some words over coffee at Timothy’s, and feels her roots forming …

February 2010

Artistic collaboration is the new lifeblood of creativity. If you laughed, you’re probably over 50 with a belief that brilliance is insular and that retirement can’t come soon enough. Collaboration is not a partnership; rather it’s a belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s a risk, for sure, and one with no guarantee of return. But isn’t that also a description of all arts: unpredictable alchemy? Painters, musicians or glassblowers will always sit down by themselves and create something stunning, but without mixing creative …