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Articles tagged with: National Gallery of Canada

October 2013
Sometimes Community Input Sucks

Maybe the criticism aimed at bad public art is not about the art but about the people who give it the go-ahead.

July 2011
Art in a Material World: No Pop in This Life.

What can you do when the institutions that are supposed to stimulate us actually have the opposite effect?

June 2011
The Four Horsemen of Ottawa’s Arts Apocalypse

What happens when the arts-funding pie gets too small?

May 2011
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Why attendance figures are never what they seem.

May 2010
Grauerholz’ Gift Of Memories

There nothing more interesting than watching an apparent bystander get drawn into a framed image and stand for minutes with a look caught between confusion and recollection. This is what Angela Grauerholz wants her photographs to do, trip memories, spark associations, “stretch it out, that perfect moment, to allow something else to occur,” as she told Jonathan Newman in the National Gallery of Canada’s Vernissage magazine.

May 2010
The Mainstream Is The Message

There is a new academic debate about whether context – usually written text that accompanies a piece of visual art – heightens or lessens one’s appreciation of that piece. Apparently we all have an internal concept of what art means, and our judgments are based on seeing, not reading. The National Gallery of Canada, however unintentionally, wades right into the issue this summer with Pop Life, perhaps the most contextual exhibit it has ever staged.

May 2010
Jonathan Shaughnessy’s Pop Life

Oh no, more on artists and the marketplace! This time there’s no “valuable lessons” to learn; this time it’s only about standing back and marveling at how the system works, or better still, how it can be worked. After a year-and-a-half helping organize Pop Life for the National Gallery of Canada, Jonathan Shaughnessy has become seduced by the exhibition’s content and how it erases the differences between artist and entrepreneur.

March 2010

In the entertainment industry, conspiracy theorists are waiting for a resurrected Michael Jackson. In sports the question is, did Canada really score that gold-medal goal in Olympic hockey? For better or worse, the art world is not so ready-to-wear. On those very rare occasions when conspiracy theories arise, accusations are always more complex. Like Gary Arseneau’s assertion that the Goya Disasters of War lithograph collection of the National Gallery of Canada is completely forged. 
“Francisco Goya y Lucientes died in 1828, and the National Gallery of Canada knows the Disasters of …

March 2010

I swear this is true. I was standing in front of Brian Jungen’s Shapeshifter, and the guy next to me looked me full in the eyes and said, “They paid $50,000 for this?”
I have no idea whether that amount is accurate, but I can understand the reaction. It’s the same one many people have to Jungen’s work, all full of found pieces of stuff, stuck together. His art gets every reaction, from “apocalyptical, man!” to “Oh yes, a definite statement about cultural hybridity.” But he’s also one of Canada’s most …

February 2010

If you can recall an art collective named General Idea, it’s bound to put a smile on your face. The three members infringed copyright shamelessly, shook the status quo mercilessly and simply tried to make fun of everyone, including themselves. The name General Idea is perhaps their biggest nose-thumb, one aimed squarely at a niche-obsessed industry. The trio of AA Bronson (real name Michael Tims), Felix Partz (Ronald Gabe) and Jorge Zontal (Slobodan Saia-Levy) lasted from 1969 to 1994 when Partz and Zontal died of AIDS within months of each …