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Articles tagged with: Ottawa Art Gallery

July 2011
New and Improved Arts Court: 2014

All the hard work is done for the expansion of Arts Court and the Ottawa Art Gallery.

June 2011
Alex Wyse: Activism Of The Absurd

Alex Wyse leads with his chin and finds that his art is another one of the stories he loves to tell. He swears he’s not trying to solve problems with his satire.

July 2010
Art, Politics and Alexandra Badzak

Alexandra Badzak took over as director of the Ottawa Art Gallery on Monday. She knew the gallery needed a different space from the belfry it now occupies in Arts Court, but she’s way too savvy to wade into the political machinations of a city she’s only lived in since 2007. That doesn’t mean she’s unwilling to say what’s on her mind.

March 2010

Everyone has their own opinion about art, however pathetic. That’s a pretty controversial statement in itself.
The biggest problem a reviewing critic has to face is what kind of opinion to express. The knock today against arts writers is that they are too afraid to criticize (and risk not being invited to the right parties) or are too expressive (just another free-to-air bombast with an axe to grind). If one has the “courage” to focus on one’s own taste, it becomes easy for readers to dismiss the work as crass and …