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Articles tagged with: Ottawa arts

January 2013
Why Found-Treasure TV Is Just Another Game Show

Buried deep in your attic or basement are things that could be worth thousands of dollars. This is the narrative behind television’s newest wave of entertainment.

December 2010
Ottawa’s Arts 2011: 20 Precarious Paths

Ottawa’s way of looking at the arts is through a comfortable disinterest. For the sector to become vibrant enough to provide livings for local artists, some things have to change.

September 2010
Festival X Highlights Culture Days In Ottawa

Here’s a quick quiz question. How many arts events are happening in Ottawa from September 24 – 26. I asked 10 people randomly on Wellington Street during the past few days, giving them the options: less than 50; 50 – 100, more than 100. Seven of the 10 choose 50 -100. The precise answer is – a minimum of 261

July 2010
Ottawa’s Arts: From Ground Up

With less than two months before the Culture Days national creativity initiative, Ottawa has scheduled more arts events per capita than any other centre. I know this isn’t supposed to be a competition, and that Canadians have a tendency to sign up at the last minute, but for the event’s three-day window September 24 – 26, 39 local initiatives are on the itinerary. Toronto has 64 listed; Vancouver just 16.

July 2010
Art’s Need For New Stories

The answers can only come from someone with political savvy. In Canada, the discussion is a complete non-starter. Possible improvisations are below the horizon because the arts sector is mostly publically funded and therefore has only election-cycle interest in politics.

July 2010
Redefining Risk In Classical Music

As a classical-music critic, Norman Lebrecht is often cranky but always insightful. A decade ago he took a break from predicting the death of the genre to write a novel, trading interpretation for plot and critique for characterization. The superb result was The Song of Names, which won the 2002 Whitbread Award for first novels. Today he’s firmly back into music analysis and not so sure classical music is breathing its last. He’ll bring this and other views to the opening lecture of Music and Beyond July 5.

May 2010
The Dilemma of Non-Negotiable Rules

If Canada has a debilitating form of tribalism, the sides are represented by management and labour. Management has had a big head start on becoming intractable, but unions have worked hard to catch up. In most cases today, each side has spiraled into binary thinking: if you win, I lose. Opportunities for flexibility get squashed by big bellies of ego.

January 2010

However you’ve landed here, welcome. I’m hoping it’s because you are part of, or just interested in, Ottawa’s arts and creativity. That’s what UnFolding’s blog is all about, as will be its full Website when it launches in early March. Both carry on the print edition’s attempt (as Kitch Art 2007-2009; as UnFolding 2009) to reveal that Ottawa is actually a very creative place. As far as I can tell, this is the first entity devoted to all Ottawa’s arts. Others do parts of it very well, but it is …