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Articles tagged with: Ottawa film

September 2010
Cult Revue Looks at Desperation and Monsters

The September 22 edition of the Canadian Cult Revue at the Mayfair Theatre begins with Search and Destroy, a post-Vietnam War action movie about a group of veterans being hunted by a former ally. It stars Perry King (Melrose Place), Tisa Farrow (sister of Mia) and cult favourite Don Stroud (The Buddy Holly Story). The film isn’t explicitly Canadian in content but it’s a very Canadian product from a key era in our filmmaking history: the Tax Shelter Years.

September 2010
Launching the 70mm Film Festival

The first annual Lost Dominion 70mm Film Festival will launch at the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s 500 seat theatre, just across the hall from the IMAX theatre. It’s dates coincide with Canada’s Culture Days, September 24 – 26.

August 2010
More Dark and Light Cult Classics

John Paizs’ Crime Wave is a film that inspires great devotion among its fans. In some ways it’s the quintessential Canadian cult film. Shot on 16mm with rented equipment on a shoestring budget, using a (really) small crew on weekends over the course of two years, it debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1985 and had a theatrical release in 1986 in just one city: Winnipeg – the place it was filmed

August 2010
Cody Campanale’s Catharsis in Research

Cody Campanale understands research. Not the academic kind that can prove the value of art and still not convince people to enjoy it. He embraces research because it creates context that makes reality acceptable, and defensible. It‘s drawn him into the psychological corners of stage and film narrative and then protected him when people get confrontational. Because in Campanale’s revelations of human frailty, someone is always going to take offence.

March 2010
Sex, Opera and Joel Crary

Joel Crary finds theatre in Atom Egoyan’s latest film.

February 2010

Artistic collaboration is the new lifeblood of creativity. If you laughed, you’re probably over 50 with a belief that brilliance is insular and that retirement can’t come soon enough. Collaboration is not a partnership; rather it’s a belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It’s a risk, for sure, and one with no guarantee of return. But isn’t that also a description of all arts: unpredictable alchemy? Painters, musicians or glassblowers will always sit down by themselves and create something stunning, but without mixing creative …