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Articles tagged with: Ottawa music

September 2010
Music, Agents and Quick Thinking

I’ve played in musical groups for more than 10 years in Ottawa. I’m also a business manager and understand Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong – will. Heat waves, pulled muscles, sudden family obligations, home renovations (deadly) as well as “I forgot we had a gig” or “I started reading a book and didn’t realize what time it was.” I’ve heard it all.

September 2010
Ottawa’s Loyalty Is Beautiful Music

’d never heard of Five Man Electrical Band before moving to Ottawa, but its legendary reputation intrigued me and Its impending performance at Super Ex would be a rare opportunity to catch them live. So there I was, surrounded by the neon lights of carnival rides, the microphone feedback of chatty prize tents and all the fenced-off alleyways of the parking lot sprawl. And I was lost.

July 2010
Stewart Goodyear’s Mesmerizing Rhapsody

Until Stewart Goodyear sat down at the piano, centre-stage, and five minutes into Rhapsody in Blue took the audience out of Gaia’s grip and plunked it with the force of a vacuum seal onto the piano’s keyboard. I’ve seen and heard George Gershwin’s jazz-classical masterpiece played hundreds of times, and I’ve never felt as seduced as I did by Goodyear.

July 2010
Rob Farrell’s First Bluesfest

Maybe if he hadn’t grown up obsessed with detail, yet distrusting perfection, Rob Farrell would be playing his fifth, or 10th, Bluesfest, instead of his first. It’s a shock to hear that after applying to each festival, the Robert Farrell Band has only this year been asked to perform. Maybe if Bluesfest organizers understood the local music scene better……

April 2010
Bartlett’s Music Megaphone

Last week on his Big Beat blog, Peter Simpson clued me into a freely downloadable CD of Ottawa music put out by Kelp Records. Not all the performers on the album are members of Kelp’s roster; owner Jon Bartlett just wanted to get this music out because he thought it was great.

February 2010

What is one to make of an entry on a Sarajevo music blog that calls the voice of Ottawa singer/songwriter Lynne Hanson laconic? It’s not surprising that Hanson would show up on European Websites; she has emerging-icon status in places like Holland. But laconic? Isn’t that how cowboys in Texas talk?
And there is the connection. Since hitting Austin’s music showcases last year, Hanson has become something of a favourite down southwest.  So much so that she can even drawl some words over coffee at Timothy’s, and feels her roots forming …

January 2010

However you’ve landed here, welcome. I’m hoping it’s because you are part of, or just interested in, Ottawa’s arts and creativity. That’s what UnFolding’s blog is all about, as will be its full Website when it launches in early March. Both carry on the print edition’s attempt (as Kitch Art 2007-2009; as UnFolding 2009) to reveal that Ottawa is actually a very creative place. As far as I can tell, this is the first entity devoted to all Ottawa’s arts. Others do parts of it very well, but it is …