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Articles tagged with: Patrick Gauthier

January 2011
New Current Under Ottawa’s Theatre Divide

The Undercurrents festival starting next week has the GCTC brand, but it is Patrick Gauthier’s fingerprints all over it. And there’s subversion in how Gauthier got the alternative festival into the building.

November 2010
Emily Pearlman: So This Is What’s Going On.

Emily Pearlman used to cry a lot, afraid of her huge imagination. Within the theatre and its creative collaboration, she’s now able to make order out of chaos.

June 2010
Why Ottawa Needs Its Fringe Festival

We live in the Age of Spectacle, and this has great benefits. Standing with a hushed group in front of a Rembrandt at the National Gallery of Canada or in a crowd of 30,000 listening to Bob Dylan at Bluesfest links us to the big picture, the idea that history is consequential and that we can be part of it. The transcendence separates us from our surroundings, and bragging rights alone are worth the disconnection.

June 2010
The Fringe and Creative Addiction

In most performance on stage there’s a moment, usually early, when the audience knows exactly the domain they’ve entered. It is tradition, the satisfaction delivered for the $20 or $120 ticket, and this endorsement molds people to the back of their seats. No performance event in Ottawa obscures those domains like the Fringe Festival, and this implausibility draws viewers to the edges of their seats.

April 2010
Tolgesy Winner Always Outside The Box

Nine months after opening the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans, Christine Tremblay again has that gleam in her eye of a new idea, the look that makes the city’s arts administrators shiver with anticipation. They first saw it 20 years ago when Tremblay started lobbying for an arts centre in eastern Ottawa, and they know she can be relentless. Her next project is less specific than a building, but even more daring.

February 2010

Peter Honeywell of the Council for the Arts in Ottawa has responded to my emails, and I now have a list of the nominees for Ottawa’s arts awards. The council didn’t want to release the names until it had photos and will publish something in the Ottawa Citizen later this week. 
Awards are really important for promoting arts to the public but, like all news, get stale quickly. For those who like their information less than a week old, the list includes: 
Victor Tolgesy Award 
Christine Tremblay – the indefatigable arts administrator in …