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Articles tagged with: Patrick Mills

September 2013
Silent Auction 1 – Patrick Mills

We start highlighting the artistic works that will be part of the silent auction at Saturday’s sale to benefit the H’art of Ottawa. First up, Patrick Mills.

September 2013
When Good Art Isn’t Expensive

How about this? An art sale of 150 paintings for very reasonable prices, plus a silent auction with the proceeds going to a good cause. If you like art on your walls yet can’t afford gallery prices, you have to see this event.

March 2011
Portrait of An Angry and Wickedly Funny Artist

Maybe getting angry can help artists find messages that resonate. It worked for William Powhida.

September 2010
Bruce Stewart: No Longer Hiding

There’s an aura of bitterness that hovers over Bruce Stewart. His paintings have never found an audience, and his nature is more insular than engaging (he lives in the house he grew up in). Effects of rejection and loneliness can never evaporate completely, but the painter has finally learned how to recognize the potential it presents.

June 2010
Sex and the Art of Acceptibility

This post is only a semi-gratuitous use of sex in the pursuit of art’s truth. Truth can hurt, which is why sensuality can be painful, for both producers and consumers of the muse. But it can also elevate how we see the world, and that started long before angry old men began shouting “put some clothes on, for God’s sake!”

May 2010
Optimistic Cynicism

Ottawa’s municipal-government approach to arts is so out of touch with the city’s creative reality, it should come as no surprise that when the Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee meets May 18 to decide a future path, Council will probably decide to cut real funding to the arts. The term “real funding” refers to the money that actually gets dispersed to those who make and deliver art