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Articles tagged with: Rideau Awards

April 2011
How Ottawa Burns Out Artistic Talent

With independent theatre’s biggest buzz in set design, Ivo Valentik has decided to step back from stage visuals for awhile, a decision that highlights Ottawa’s problem with the arts industries.

November 2010
Greasing The Wheels Of Ottawa’s Arts

Not grasping the theory of lubrication gets local arts only hodge-podge coverage in mainstream media. To become vibrant, the arts community must get collaborative.

April 2010
The New Story In Ottawa Theatre

Nick Di Gaetano calls them dramaturges, the two women who now define Ottawa theatre: Lise Ann Johnson and Emily Pearlman. The awards they won last night at The Rideau Awards at De La Salle High School weren’t for a dramaturge’s mentoring, rather an indication of how engaging the local stage is becoming under the influence of superb storytellers.

April 2010
Sponsorship and the Credibility Gap

Awards shows in Ottawa’s arts communities don’t seem to stick around long. They only happen in the first place because someone is willing to put up the cash for the event, and if the promotional payback isn’t good, there are always better ways to invest. Like it or not, sponsorship is what keeps many arts events alive.

April 2010
Therapy at the Rideau Awards

Oh yes, I have been assured, no one knows how to strut better than those in the theatre. This is why Sunday’s Rideau Awards at De La Salle High School holds such promise, an auditorium full of theatre people who are allowed to be as interactive as they want.

March 2010

I’ve been trying to figure out why Ottawa’s theatre people, of all those in the city’s arts, are the most interactive. Not all of them, but the ones who post the most interesting online messages, the ones who return phone calls, the ones who comment on and support other creatives and the ones who really seem to be excited about what they are doing. They’ve even got their own awards show – the Rideau Awards on April 18. If there are other local arts sectors that offer awards, information on …

March 2010

Theatre has never been a high priority during an Ottawa night out. That’s a good thing for the local industry because the blanker the slate, the broader the palette, and there are now enough signposts of change to predict that Ottawa’s theatre could become as vibrant as its music, although maybe not in the manner you’d expect.
Theatre at the National Arts Centre is moribund, existing through fewer and fewer older patrons and internationally known products without attempting to engage a younger audience with different dramatic desires. The Great Canadian Theatre …