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Articles tagged with: Shenkman Arts Centre

December 2011
Claudia Salguero’s Embrace Of The Unknown

Claudia Salguero says she only became a flexible person in Canada, but the courage and ability to dive into unfamiliar territory was fermenting from her childhood in Colombia.

September 2011
How Culture Days Can Make You Cool

This weekend you’ll have 170 choices about what bits of Ottawa’s cultural mosaic you want to sample. Everything is being staged for free, except the parking.

December 2010
Status Quo – Karina Kraenzle

Karina Kraenzle is one of Ottawa’s best-known photographic artists. She takes time to answer Status Quo’s 20 questions.

September 2010
Fiddling With Canadian Culture

I was told yesterday that I had missed Ottawa’s best jam session of the year. It happened last weekend at D’Arcy McGee’s in Orleans, right across the street from the Shenkman Arts Centre and 30 minutes after the final award had been given out there by the Canadian Grand Master’s Fiddling Championships.

June 2010
Immigrants and the Art of Belonging

I arrived early to the Shenkman Arts Centre, an impressive glass-fronted construct next to Orleans’ shopping district, and found an ottoman-sized rock to settle on. Staring vacantly out over its neighbouring grassland, marred by fence-lines and some paved parking, I breathed deep its flat horizon with an appreciation that would’ve gone unnoticed a few years ago. That’s what living amid the concrete towers of Toronto can do to you; with all its flashing billboards and commuter stampedes, your eyes never need to look further than an outstretched arm.

June 2010
Animals, Art and Carolina Hernandez

The earliest artistic representation of a human was discovered last year in Germany, an ivory carving around 35,000 years old. Not surprisingly, Venus of the Fels Cave depicts an anatomically correct female. The earliest human artistic expression ranges from 50,000 to 290,000 years ago, depending on how the experts define art. No matter what that definition, those creations were most definitely of animals.

April 2010
The Goddess and Alan Dean

For years, photographer Alan Dean has been capturing Ottawa’s community-theatre productions, often for no fee, because he hasn’t been able to get the stage out of his system since the first time he played guitar, at age 13, with The Mighty Mohicans at Verdun’s Riverview Bar.

April 2010
Tolgesy Winner Always Outside The Box

Nine months after opening the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans, Christine Tremblay again has that gleam in her eye of a new idea, the look that makes the city’s arts administrators shiver with anticipation. They first saw it 20 years ago when Tremblay started lobbying for an arts centre in eastern Ottawa, and they know she can be relentless. Her next project is less specific than a building, but even more daring.

April 2010
Status Quo – Christine Tremblay

After years of effort, Christine Tremblay prepares (in 2009) to move into the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans.