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Articles tagged with: Status Quo

January 2012
Status Quo – Brenda Gale Warner

You have to go into Brenda Gale Warner’s house to see the work at Galerie 240. Now she takes time to answer Status Quo’s 20 questions.

November 2011
Status Quo – Scott Florence

Scott Florence leads his troupe back into a winter’s tale November 29. But before that, he tackles Status Quo’s 20 questions.

September 2010
Status Quo – Alice Hinther

Alice Hinther takes a few minutes from her ever-evolving creative quest to answer 20 questions for Status Quo.

June 2010
Status Quo – Jill Zmud

In these 20 questions, talented singer/songwriter Jill Zmud reveals an interest in Buffy’s Spike, a passion for chocolate and her prized possession that came from an uncle.

June 2010
Status Quo – Wayne Current

Wayne Current has dipped into Ottawa theatre for years, profiling and reviewing much of what he sees in his blog Many Faces of Wayne. He says he’s amazed at how good Ottawa theatre is, and has decided to jump off the high diving board in mid-June when he produces Prisoner’s Dilemma, written by Sterling Lynch, for the Fringe Festival

May 2010
Status Quo – Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor answers Status Quo’s 20 questions before heading out on a whirl of teaching writing workshops.

April 2010
Status Quo – Christine Tremblay

After years of effort, Christine Tremblay prepares (in 2009) to move into the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans.