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Articles tagged with: Sterling Lynch

May 2013
Seeding Art’s New Memes

Judging art has usually been left to an elite. But that’s changing and with the change comes new ideas about art’s values and costs.

December 2010
Ottawa’s Arts 2011: 20 Precarious Paths

Ottawa’s way of looking at the arts is through a comfortable disinterest. For the sector to become vibrant enough to provide livings for local artists, some things have to change.

October 2010
The Characterizations Of Von Allan

If you put aside bouts of massive frustration, angry confusion and minuscule income, then becoming an artist, for Von Allan, has been an exercise in telling a good story.

June 2010
The Fringe and Creative Addiction

In most performance on stage there’s a moment, usually early, when the audience knows exactly the domain they’ve entered. It is tradition, the satisfaction delivered for the $20 or $120 ticket, and this endorsement molds people to the back of their seats. No performance event in Ottawa obscures those domains like the Fringe Festival, and this implausibility draws viewers to the edges of their seats.

May 2010
The Goal of Arts Marketing

Too many of us involved in the arts believe there’s some kind of irresolvable tension between successful art and successful marketing. Because this misunderstanding harms artists the most, I want to dispel the notion that successful marketing and successful art are somehow intrinsically opposed. To do so, I will make the case that marketers and artists employ a variety of means to achieve the very same end. On my view, all of us hope to create community.

February 2010

Don Monet has made the decision to close the Cube Gallery on Hamilton Street and focus completely on his new space on Wellington Street. It will happen at the end of the month.
He opened the original gallery five years ago, focusing on artists that downtown galleries didn’t show. He also started bewildering people with evening events, like themed parties, salons and wedding rentals. It helped pay the bills but also helped the gallery’s name go viral in a city not really known for talking about arts venues that don’t have “National” …