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Articles tagged with: The Gladstone Theatre

November 2010
Preview – David Hersh Conjures Full Stage In I

David Hersh wanted to do his own version of Eugene Ionesco’s The Lesson. Ionesco’s estate said no. The rest is magic.

September 2010
Whiteley Gets Creative in Flea In Her Ear

Whiteley has, however, made a few creative editorial additions to the script, which are quite effective. The hotel Le Minet Gallant,has become the Le Hotel des Chasseurs de Phoque playing with the similarities between the French word for seal and an English profanity. Anyone who has sat through a French class in middle school will appreciate the joke.

April 2010
Business 101: Forget The Guilt Trip

Never threaten your customers, unless they are doing something illegal. This is the first point on the first page of the first day of the first course about how to run a business. Our culture is only capable of being told it is lazy, greedy or ugly when those judgments are accompanied by a million-dollar advertising campaign, with lots of pretty people in it. Only one in a thousand retailers have capital like that; the rest stand a much better chance of surviving if they make customers feel included and valued.

March 2010

There’s a media call tomorrow for the Gladstone Theatre’s new musical Blood Brothers. Media coordinator Crystal Parsons is on the phone telling me I have to go if only to hear Emmanuelle Zeesman sing Tell Me It’s Not True. But I’m more interested in what Parsons says next.
She’s leaving her work in theatre promotion. Blood Brothers is her last show. On April 12 she will start commuting to the Library and Archives of Canada for a job as an archivist, the “thing I’ve more or less trained for.” (After graduate …